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You all must have heard about Visa and Passport. Often we hear people around us talking about Visa and passports. We understand as soon as Visa and Passport are named.

That foreign travel is being talked about here. Because to go abroad, you need a Visa and a passport. Although creating a passport is a bit easier. But getting a visa is a bit difficult. Along with this, many countries are also like this.

Citizens do not even need a visa to go, but if you want to travel to such a country. Where both Visa and Passport are required. So through this article, what is a visa? What documents do you need to get a visa?

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What is Visa?

Whenever you would like to travel to another country. You need two required documents. Visa and Passport. A visa is a type of permit. Which is given to you by the government to travel to another country. If you want to move to another country.

So you have to get a permission letter from the government. Which is called Visa. You also have to tell the government to get a visa. What you need a visa for, and why you will move to another country. And how many days will stay there.

Visitors International Stay Admision is the full form of visa in English language. Also, there are several types of visas, depending on whether you travel for different purposes.

Types of Visa –

There are many types of visas depending on traveling abroad for different purposes. Which is like this

Transit Visa – Transit visa is valid for 5 days only. This type of spore is released at that time. When a person does not pass through a third country.

Tourist Visa – As you have understood by the name. That this type of visa is issued for traveling only. So if you are going for a trip in a country. So you can apply for Tourist Visa. You cannot connect with any business activities through this type of visa. There are some such countries as well. Tourists who do not issue visas.

Marriage Visa – This type of visa is issued for a certain period of time. For example, if a citizen of India wants to marry a foreign girl, then that girl can apply for a marriage visa by going to the Indian Ambancy in his country.

Business Visa – A business visa is issued for going to another country to trade and participate in business activities. With this, if a person gets a permanent job in a country. Even then he can get a business visa.

Note – Business Visa is granted for doing business or job in another country. There is some difficulty in getting a business visa. But Business Visa is valid for longer days as compared to other visas.

On-Arrival Visa – This type of visa is issued only when entering a country. However, to issue this type of Visa, you must already have a visa. Because the immigration department of your country checks it before boarding the flight.

Partner Visa – Someone wants to call their spouse living in another country. Then his partner is issued a partner visa.

Student Visa – This type of visa is issued for pursuing higher studies in another country. If a person wants to go to another country and do a degree or course. So the student can apply for a visa.

Working Holiday Visa – This type of visa is issued only to such citizens. Those who have to go to another country for a working holiday program on behalf of the company or organization. It is also allowed to do temporary work along with walking.

Diplomatic Visa – This type of visa is issued only to diplomats.

Cortezi Visa – This type of visa is issued to such foreign government or International Organization officials. Those who do not fall in the Diplomate category.

Journalist visa – as the name suggests. This type of visa is issued only to those associated with the news organization. Those who travel from one country to another.

Immigrant Visa – This type of visa is issued under similar circumstances. When a person wants to settle in another country. This visa is for single journals only. That means when you are sure. That the other country is ready for immigration. Only then are you issued such visas.

Pension Visa (or Retirement Visa) – Such visas are issued only in select countries such as Australia. This visa is given to such people. Those who do not aim to earn money by going to another country. In some cases the age of the person is also taken care of.

Some countries do not require a visa –

There are many such countries in the world. Where some citizens of the country do not require a visa to travel. For example, the Government of India allows citizens of Bhutan and Nepal to travel to India without a visa. Similarly, members of the European Union can travel to other countries without any visa.

Documents required to get a visa –

Some documents are required to make Visa. Some of the major Visa Ke Liye Documents are as follows –

Current Passport and Old Passports if you have them)

A passport size photo

Visa payment receipt

Original Interview Appointment Letter

How to apply for a visa –

If you want to travel to another country. Which you will first need to create a Visa and Passport. You can also apply online to create a visa. The process of applying online is explained below to you step by step. –

To create a visa, first of all you need to visit the Indian government visa issuing website https://Indianvisaonline.Gov.In/Visa/Registration.

After reaching the website, you will see three options like the image shown below. Here you have to click on the Apply Online option.

Like you will click on Apply Online option. An application form will open in front of you. In this form you will be asked for simple information like which country you live, what is your citizenship, your email address etc. After filling this information, you have to click on the Continue button. And the next page will open in front of you.

On this new page you will have to fill all your business and family information. After filling all the information you have to click on the intake Continue button.

As soon as you click on the Save and Continue button. The next page will open in front of you. You have to tell on this page. Which country do you want to visit. And how many days will you travel. Also you have to upload your latest passport size photo here.

After uploading the photo you will have to pay the fees prescribed for the visa online. You can make online fees in your ATM card, credit card and payment gateway in other ways.

You will be issued a visa within 72 to 96 hours after payment. And its information will also be sent to your registered mobile email ID. After which you can download Visa online.

Last Update: 13/12/2020

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