What is Ethical Hacking? How to become an ethical hacker?

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Whenever we take the name of hacking, we often think that running different software and applications inside one’s laptop or someone’s mobile phone without anyone’s permission and that person should Don’t even get a clue,

Usually this method is illegal but not always illegal but hacking is also done in many ways and hacking is done in many universities and many companies and every country government have their own hackers, which the government and company If it works for itself, it gives it a good amount. However even today there is more illegal work in this area than legal and people often look at hacking as wrong.

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But today we will explain to you through this blog what is ethical hacking and what are its benefits, as well as by reading this blog, if you feel that you want to make your career in the field of hacking then this is definitely a golden opportunity for you. Maybe because today computers and mobiles are being used all over the world and different types of software are being launched every day, in this era of digitization, the scope of hacking is constantly increasing and working in this field Not only are the people earning a lot of money, but people also give them a lot of respect.

Let us first tell you, what is an ethical hacker?

Ethical Hacker This word itself fulfills a work with full ethics, that is, you complete it with complete honesty. Ethical hackers are people who work for the security of a company or department and secure the security of that company and department through the internet and also prevent those black hat hawkers who harm that companies department through internet. Tries to deliver,

That is, ethical hackers work for a company as their security. These days where many different types of websites and software are available, the same people are trying to do more harm than harm each other and make every effort to steal each other’s data so that with the help of that data, your non In order to prevent such people, various different companies hire ethical hackers and they can do it for the security of the company, to do legal work or sometimes it happens that they earn money by selling the plans made by others in the market. Work.

Now perhaps you are wondering whether the work of a hacker can be legal i.e. legal or it is one of the illegal work. If a company hires an ethical hacker and he works for that company then it is legal work. There is nothing wrong with that. Also, any ethical hacker makes some rules to hack any system. Which they especially follow, on the other hand, Ethical hackers make the security of any system quite secure and these people can hack any website if needed, but for that they have to take permission specifically, therefore this The work is legally correct and they are called “white hat hackers“.

Friends, till now we have told you what ethical hackers work and what is ethical hacking. Let us now know how to become an ethical hacker or we will explain you here in very simple language to get the complete information. This blog is the last Read till

First of all, it is important to have basic knowledge of computer because if you do not know basic about something, then you can become an expert in it, it can be difficult to say, just like if you want to become an ethical hacker, then basic information of computer It is very important to be.

  • If you are wondering what you need to know in Basic, then tell that, some things are important like how Windows will be installed in any computer, what is master booting, how to install operating system, files What is a system? What is a BoyOS? What is the difference between a legacy BoyOS and a Boyce? It is very important to know all kinds of things because it is an area where you need to be a computer expert.
  • Knowledge of networking – It is very important for ethical hacking that you should have knowledge of networking as networking is used in most of the tasks related to hacking and if you have no knowledge about networking then you are an ethical hacker Will not be able to be made. If you are reading about networking, then pay attention to these topics – what is topology, what is LAN, WAN, MAN, what is TCP, what is link note, etc. What’s the difference between Ipv4 and Ipv6. What is a port and what is port forwarding, what is the type of protocol. Knowledge of programming – The entire single hacking course depends entirely on programming. Even if you have the basic knowledge of computers and knowledge of networking, you cannot become an ethical hacker without programming because the ethical hacker relies entirely on programming. is . The programming language should contain information on C, C ++, Java, Ruby, Python, Html, Php. In addition, Script should also contain information about Java Script, Vbs Script, Shell Script, Sql / My Sql and Database.
  • Cyber ​​Law and Cybercrime – When you join a course like hacking, you are expected to be fully aware of the law, because in the area you are going to work, there are some rules to be noted. It has to be kept at all costs and if you violate those rules then it can create difficulty for you illegally.
  • Cryptography and Reverse Engineering – What is cryptography and reverse engineering, there should be specific information about where it is used and how it is used. If you want to become an ethical hacker and want to work for a good company, this government, then taking all these things into consideration, you can choose this course and become a good ethical hacker.

Last Update: 28/12/2020

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