What is Bing? Complete Information

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What is Bing?

What does Bing mean?

Bing is a nifty search engine tool owned by Microsoft. Returns accurate results based on the user’s search query. A couple of search services are established. Keys among them embody internet, image, video, and map results. Bing is accepted for its listing capabilities. It will offer you complete results on all the restaurants around your block.

Image: Bing.com

Here is a brief history.

Chief executive officer Steve Ballmer and formally launched in July, identical year. Bing came into existence to take on Live Search and MSN Search. To improve a smooth transition, Microsoft bought Powerset, a company that was developing an organic language search engine for the Internet space. And to close the deal, Microsoft and Yahoo reached an agreement to allow Bing to power Yahoo! Seeker.

If you look at the stock market price of Bing, it is quite evident that it is not that far from its closest rival, Google.

Notable Bing Features

Bing background images

We cannot ignore its intuitive user interface that attracts a lot of attention from its users. And here is why. Bing has beautiful background images that change daily. The wide range of images are displayed to give a description of what the user can visibly relate to. For example, Bing displays background images of people, adventurous places like mountains, marine life, or even popular cities.

You can easily take advantage of these images by setting the one you prefer as your desktop background.

Bing rewards

Bing Rewards was launched again in 2010. It’s quite impressive how Bing incorporates this as part of the equation. It seems that Bing is conscientious and generous to its users. Simply put, a user gets credits every time they search with Bing as an incentive to keep using the search engine. This strategy has enormously increased Bing’s market share, precisely in the US.

All you need to do is log into your Microsoft account through a PC or tablet. From this point on, you will gain access to the number of points that can be redeemed.

What is most captivating is the Bing app, which is available in the Apple and Google Play stores. By using this application, you can search for anything and earn points from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Bing Rewards loyalty levels

The search engine has a systematic formula for rewarding its users. It is quite obvious that the highest tier comes with the most reward. The entry level, which is the ‘Member’ plan, is accessible to all new users who reside in the US and are over 13 years old. It is worth noting that a user is restricted to a single member account.

At the top of its priority is the ability to reward a user with 1 credit for every two searches performed. Remember, Bing awards a maximum daily reward of 10 credits.

So how can I upgrade to the silver account?

Bing requires that I meet a set threshold, which is, I must earn 200 lifetime credits. My account status changes to Silver after redeeming my first reward. aside from that, there’s a Gold Account, that is activated, once a user earns 750 period credits and performs one hundred fifty reliable searches during a month.

Visual bing search

This is a feature that tends to be quite futuristic. So this is what it is capable of. You can actually take a picture of a math problem, or a specific spare part for a vehicle, and search for the most authentic and defined results. In alternative words, you’ll be able to use a picture to look for all the world on Bing. significantly, the deep search engine offers a completely new privacy control experience in the hands of the user. You can activate private mode to hide all your private searches from your browser history.

Bing timeline

It is a function that filters the results to show you important information through a well detailed timeline. The Bing algorithm generates timelines on famous personalities and captures all their achievements in an elaborate way. Here is an illustration. If you look at the names of iconic people, for example, from an athletic fund, Bings presents a prolific list of all of his accomplishments over the course of his career.

Hover Popup Video

Another amazing feature that delivers a seamless experience while searching for videos on Bing. Typically, Typically, Bing shows you high-resolution videos from widespread platforms like YouTube, MTV, Hulu, CBS, and MSN. Its navigation system is quite flexible and easy to use while you go through the previews.

Bing has advanced search filters that allow a user to sort videos by date, resolution, source, or duration. We cannot ignore Bing’s preview mode that allows the user to have a short snippet of the contents in a video.

Bing Ads

It seems that Microsoft is cautious and aware of all the current trends. With the prevalence of Google ads on so many web pages, this was something of a wake-up call for Microsoft. To gain stable ground in the industry, Microsoft Advertising was brought out into the open.

And your biggest promise is making your business visible to potential customers around the world. Why do I need a Bing Ads conversion tracking account when I already have a Google Analytics account in check? Good question. The reason for this is to have a good track of all the conversions that come directly from your Bing ads. Please note that you use the pay per click strategy. This means that you can work with a budget that you are comfortable with.

Paid ads help you reach the online network in such a smart and knowledgeable way. Favorably, Microsoft advertising allows the user to import other campaigns such as Google Ads easily.

Bing integration

At the present time, Bing splits up the search results to have a section that lists a number of Facebook friends that can enlighten the user more about the query. On top of that, Windows 8.1 uses Bing’s ‘smart search’ to display the results of all queries submitted through the Windows start screen.

And that’s not all. There’s more to the Bing integration.

Back in 2013, Apple’s unexpected frenzy to ditch Google and establish close ties with Bing was the beginning of a new chapter for the search engine. However, it is compatible with devices using iOS 7 and above.

Bing Vs Google

It is an endless battle where each contestant shows their own strengths, prowess and intelligence. In the first instance, it is reasonable to say that both are exceptional in their own way. But with Bing being the topic of the day, let’s see how it proves to transcend Google. Not to mention the attractive rewards from Bing.

For starters, Bing’s predictability is a thing to smile about. In particular, it shows your acuity by predicting flight costs. To a bigger extent, it predicts whether or not a flight price can increase. excluding that, you’ll be able to create comparisons with alternative flight firms to choose the foremost appropriate airline and therefore the time to shop for a price ticket.

Arguably making a choice between Bing and Google comes down to personal preference. If you’re more interested in searching for images and videos, Bing tends to be just as proficient at that. On the other hand, it’s okay to give credit where it’s due. Google dominates by a significant margin as it owns YouTube. That’s not to say that Bing doesn’t help with video searches. In fact, its unique video thumbnail design that plays a preview of a specific result is a spectacular feature that you can really count on.

If a user wants to search for a licensed image to use on their blog or project, Bing makes it far easier. Unlike Google, where the settings for filtering images are hidden, Bing provides a license filter as the main option while searching for an image.

Last Update: 10/12/2020

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