What is 5G technology and how does it work?

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The world is changing very fast, a new version of all the equipment is coming, in the same way, we are lagging behind in the technology from the countries of the world, countries like China, America, Japan and South Korea have started using 5G. 5G is being discussed on this subject, one of them is the fifth generation in the mobile network.

The fourth network of the world is developing very fast in India. 4G network has reached almost every corner of India and the launch of 5G is about to begin. Think of 5G in a way that 5G of 4G network speed is also 100 times faster. The same mobile network is based on the principal circle.

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The fifth generation wireless technology. The fifth generation wireless technology is capable of delivering the signal speed between your phone and the tower. It is a software based network.

Which has been developed to increase the speed and efficiency of wireless networks. This technology promotes data quantification that can be transmitted to wireless networks. It is 5G technology and is based on five technologies.

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Millimeter-Wave, Chhote Cells, Maximum Beamforming Full Duplex is made up of 5G technology capable of working in most bands whose frequencies are usually between three GHz to 16 GHz.

Almost all the existing devices work in this, which has very high accessibility, however due to the high traffic in this system, research people are thinking of using the guide above Akshay.

The second base of 5G Technology is speed sales. Millimetre Babe I have a problem with the range which makes up for the speed sales as it cannot work in interruptions so I put a large number of mini cell towers across the area to relay the signal from the cell tower. Go.

These short cells are kept at a shorter distance than the traditional so that the user can get 5G signals without interruption. The next base in 5G technology is the maximum input and multiple output technology to manage the traffic using this technology.

Large cell towers are used. This regular cell tower which provides 4G network comes with 12:00 India which hangs the silver network traffic in the area which can support with maximum Savaiya so that more traffic can be maintained. But also increases the capacity of the tower, with the help of this technology, it helps to easily deliver 5G signal.

As we have told you earlier, 4 countries of the world are already using this 5G technology is already working and people say that by 2021 this service will start in India but it is not clear yet. That is how 5G can keep their investment company in mind about their Renu.

It is being said that the entire use of 5G technology will be implemented by 2025, it will be completely different from 4G, it will access things like virtual reality and content very easily as it all depends on the investment and infrastructure of the telecom company. How much will be the speed of the military and how much of its virgin speed, currently the highest speed of 4G is 35 to 40 Mbps and the speed will be many times faster than the speed of 4G but it will be worth to see how much its speed will be if you do You can also download HD movies in full between 5 seconds.

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Last Update: 14/12/2020

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