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Srinivasa Ramanujan was one of the great men who had neither wealth nor any comfort, but by his knowledge he surprised the world’s greatest mathematicians, even today his mathematical formulas are a pillar of light for innovative research.

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Light Trigonometry in 13 years

Born on 22 December 1887 in a place called Irode in Tamil Nadu. His father was a small clerk at a clothes shop, lack of funds could not provide proper education facilities.

When he was only 13 years old, he solved the world famous Trigonometry book by SL Loney but not only in 15 years he got one of the famous books Sinoposis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics by George Suraj Kar. Received. This book had a compilation of about 6000 theorems. He proved all these and developed some rules based on them.

When not able to pass in other subjects

In 1903, he received a scholarship from the University of Madras, but the following year, this scholarship was taken away from him because he could not pass in other subjects, the reason was that he used to give more time to mathematics and other subjects were neglected.

His father was deeply shocked by his failed exam when his father noticed that this boy always kept on playing with numbers, so he thought that maybe it was crazy.

To fix her, the father decided to marry Ramanujan and the girl he chose as his wife was also an 8-year-old girl Janaki, after which she was looking for a job but after making a lot of effort, she barely made ₹ 25 After getting the job of clerk of Rs. Monthly, finally some teachers and educationists, influenced by his work, decided to give him a scholarship and on May 1913, Madras University gave him a scholarship of 75 months.

Professor Hardy recognizes talent

These days, Ramanujan wrote an important letter related to his research work to noted mathematician GH RD of the University of Cambridge, in this letter, he sent 120 of his Theorem Professors to RD Hardy and his colleagues did not take long to get into the depth of this work on 17 March. Ramanujan left for Britain in 1914 by sea ship Ramanujan felt himself as a stranger at the University of Cambridge, despite all the difficulties, he continued to do research in mathematics. Professor Hard saw an unprecedented talent in him. He did many things related to numbers.

Many honors received in England

He was declared a Fellow of the Royal Society on 10 February 1918 for his works. He was the second Indian to receive this honor in October of the same year. He was elected a Fellow of Trinity College. He was the first Indian to receive this honor by Ramanujan in Algebra. Some of the work done was of the rank of Euler and a Jacobi, a world-renowned mathematician.

Died at a young age

When Ramanujan was engaged in his research work in England, then he was caught by TV, after which he was sent back to India, he became pale and he became very weak, even during this period, there was some messing with the banks. Due to this disease, all of them died in April 1920 at a young age of 33, at a place called Chatpet in Madras, India.

Establishment of Ramanujan Award – Ramanujan Award for Mathematics of India was established in his memory and Ramanujan Institute was established.

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