Contributors Guideline

To all the contributors,

Please make sure you read all our full Magazine Max Contributor Guidelines below.

Profile Rules

1. A Professional Photograph (Showing Your Face)

2. Link atleast 2 social media profile to recognize that it is real you and not a fake person.

Content Rules

  1. Original Content

Make sure that your content is original and not a copied content. Also it should not be published somewhere else also.

2. Word limit

Word limit should be atleast 1000 words per post.

3. Promotions

A contributor is not allowed to promote any affiliate links or any product as they are against our guidelines.

But if you want to promote your product or any thing click here.

4. Category

Your content should be in the category of business, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, or gaming. No other category contents are allowed. If found any, will get deleted.

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